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Introduction by BRIAN SWEENEY on local / global happiness. (27 July 2006)

(25mb Quicktime)

Professor of Physical Sciences at Victoria University, PAUL CALLAGHAN discussing magnetic resonance technology. (27 July 2006)

(31mb Quicktime)

Social activist, coach and businessman DENIS O'REILLY talking about te Reo Maori. (27 July 2006)

(28mb Quicktime)

Surgeon, SIMON ROBINSON talking about endoscopic sinus surgery. (27 July 2006)

(32mb Quicktime)

Broadcaster LYNN FREEMAN talking about indigenous art at the Musée du quai Branly. (27 July 2006)

(38mb Quicktime)

Associate Professor PHILIPPA HOWDEN-CHAPMAN on energy efficient housing. (27 July 2006)

(27mb Quicktime)\

Filmaker JULIE BAYER talking about her latest project 'Time & Tide'. (27 July 2006)

(36mb Quicktime)

A performance by JONATHAN CRAYFORD, internationally acclaimed jazz pianist. (27 July 2006)

(49mb Quicktime)

Dr MORGAN WILLIAMS, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment on concepts of sustainability. (31 May 2006)

(13mb Quicktime)

MARK POLETTI, Industrial Research Limited on his work improving the acoustic performance of an architectural space. (31 May 2006)

(13mb Quicktime)

ANDY WILLIAMS, Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa on Loop's innovative work with music and motion graphics. (31 May 2006)

(17mb Quicktime)

BOB RIGG, National Consultative Committee on Disarmament on the threat of nuclear war and disarmament. (31 May 2006)

(16mb Quicktime)

JORIS de BRES, Race Relations Commissioner on what we can do about racial prejudice. (31 May 2006)

DOWNLOAD VIDEO (10mb Quicktime)

SOPHIE JERRAM, Sustainable Business Network on climate change, energy efficiency and waste reduction. (31 May 2006)

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The WELLINGTON INTERNATIONAL UKULELE ORCHESTRA doing what they do best. (31 May 2006)

(12mb Quicktime)

TINA MAREE KAIPARA, Te Awekura Productions on winning the world. (6 April 2006)
DAVID SKILLING, CEO, The New Zealand Institute, on transforming the NZ economy. (6 April 2006)
JOHN DAUTH, Australian High Commissioner on trans-Tasman collaboration. (6 April 2006)
RALPH CHAPMAN, School of Earth Sciences, Victoria University, on climate change. (6 April 2006)
ROD GIBSON, Habode, on innovative housing design. (6 April 2006)
NATHAN GRAY, Adventurer, on his Great Wall of China journey. (6 April 2006)
SARAH REO, CultureFlow, on language software in Maori, Mandarin. (6 April 2006)
ALASTAIR THOMPSON on Scoop's new news and covering the war and propaganda.
ANDREW CARDNO of Compudigm on 3D data visualisation.
ALEXANDRA LUTYENS of Origin Design on the Aotearoa: First to Awake, First to Think?
BEDE CAMMOCK-ELLIOTT on ‘Myfilesaway’ application, a wireless access to information technology.
ANDREW STEWART of Te Papa on the NORFANZ Expedition.
BRIAN SMITH of Shift showing the Student Interactive Award.
BRENDAN SMYTH of NZ On Air on getting more NZ music on NZ radio.
BRIDGET STOKER of VUW on research into Prozac. Further info "Talking Back to Prozac" by Peter R Breggin.
BRIAN SWEENEY on the NZ Edge, The Lahar, TED12 conference and ARNO PENZIAS on innovation, and the Gibbs Aquada.
CHRIS LIPSCOMBE of Mission Hall Design on seven New Yorkisms.
CHRIS KELLY of Architecture Workshop on working with Renzo Piano and the Oriental Bay beach development.
CHRIS MORLEY-HALL from Gondwanaland Productions on the Cuba Street Carnival & Whopper Chopper.
CHRIS LIPSCOMBE & CHRIS O'CONNELL on their cyber mission to Dubai.
COLIN JAMES on the Knowledge Wave conference.
CHRIS O'CONNELL of The Bridge on the Wellington City Council's Creative Capital Cluster and on research into broadband and future expectations.
DAVE MOSKOVITZ of The Web Limited on the Search Difference Engine.
DAN ADAMS singer / songwriter / composer presents Wellington band Verona with cellist SEBASTIAN MORGAN-LYNCH.
DENIS O’REILLY on the Aotearoa Cyberliteracy Trust.
DEB STRUTHERS of Te Kete Ipurangi Ministry of Education on ICT Initiatives Multi Serve Education.
DORITA HANNAH theatre designer, on 'The Heart of PQ' at the 2003 Prague Quadrennial.
DENIS SHARMAN of Sharman Consulting on online medical diagnostics.
ELIZABETH STYRON Director of the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre on digital libraries and e-publishing.
DUNCAN CUNNINGHAM of The Natural Step on what's needed to sustain life on this round ball rotating around the sun.
GAYLENE PRESTON writer, director and producer on her new film Perfect Strangers (starring Sam Neill).
EMILY LOUGHNAN & REX McINTOSH of clicksuite.co.nz on Disney's Virtual Reality.
GRAEME DINGLE adventurer, on ProjectK.
GLENDA TUAINE of FringeNZ on establishing links with Korea and Hong Kong 2002.
HAMISH McEWEN on blogging.
HAMISH CAMPBELL (DR) an earth scientist with the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS) on Wellington's non-volcanic origins.
HELEN JAMIESON of Creative-Catalyst.com on cyberformance.
HAMISH McKAY of Hamish McKay Galleries on the Art Fair and Liste Showing in Basel.
HOWARD GRIEVE of Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington on testing a theory - "it's time for NZ'ers to build".
HIRINI REEDY of Tu Strategies on the Aotearoa: First to Awake, First to Think? Symposium.
DR JACQUIE HARPER, senior scientist at the Malaghan Institute on the Hygiene Hypothesis.
JACK YAN of Jack Yan & Associates Lucire on online fashion branding.
JASON McDONALD Meridian Energy's Knowledge and Innovation Principal on 'Innovation, The Meridian Way'.
JAN BIERINGA & JON HARCOURT showcase one of the (e)-vision workshops ‘Digital Storytelling’.
JIM BARR on the Tokyo Electronics Fair.
JEDI THAIN of The Firm 100.8FM.
JOE LAMBERT of the Digital Story Center Berkley on digital storytelling.
JOCK PHILLIPS General Editor of the On-line Encyclopedia of New Zealand.
JONATHAN EWART of e.co.nz on his tour through China and Tibet, cyberports and the Gigafest 2002.
JON HARTLEY of Infinity Group on New Zealand innovation.
KATE MEAD producer of Radio New Zealand’s Concert FM on classical music.
JUDITH FYFE Barrister and oral historian on documenting change, and diaries.
LUIT BIERINGA of the Cultural Construction Centre on The Active Eye contemporary photography project.
LIZ SWANSTON of the Hampton Group on commercialising software products for export market.
MALCOLM McKINNON on Te Waimano NZ history site and also, presentation in memory of Jonathan Dennis.
MARK CUBEY of cubey.com on content management and some links.
MARIO WYNANDS of Sidhe Interactive on interactive gaming for Sony Playstation.
MATTHEW LEONARD presenting an excerpt of Hinemoana Baker’s debut radio documentary Talking to Tangaroa.
MARTIN BOSLEY chef on food philosophy.
MC ALLIANCE Hip Hop group
MATT VISSER (DR) of Victoria University on artificial black holes.
NICK GERRITSEN of Minter Ellison Rudd Watts on value propostions for New Zealand and the associated conference, 1-3 March 2002.
MIRANDA KAY on the NZ Film Archive website.
PAUL HASHFIELD of hitwise.co.nz on tracking web hits via ISPs.
NICK GERRITSEN & DOMINIQUE DOWLING of Minter Ellison Rudd Watts and ANDY RALPH from e-zebra on the NZ Brain website.
Hon PAUL SWAIN on e-Government.
PAUL REYNOLDS of McGovern & Associates on content management.
PETER WELLS novelist and film maker reads “Story Hour”.
PETER BIGGS of Creative New Zealand on spirit.
RICHARD JACKSON student of Hutt Valley High School on New Zealand's entry in the 2001 World Solar Challenge.
RAY WOOD on United Nations Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and finding the legal continental shelf.
ROBERT WILES of Pdom.com on personal domain name websites.
RICK BRYANT on the sound of acapella.
ROWAN, PAUL & KIERAN Electric guitar players of Paraparaumu College.
SAM MORGAN on the phenomenal success of trademe.co.nz
SANDRA LUKEY on smartnet.co.nz.
SELWYN FEARY of Shift on the art of surfing.
SIMONE ELLIS on the 3rd Saatchi & Saatchi Communication and innovation Award in New York.
SIMON RILEY of The Illy Group on the Wellington Ring Project.
SIMON WI RUTENE entreupreneur and Olympic skier, on Maori storytelling hana.co.nz
STEVE THOMPSON CEO of the Royal Society of NZ on translating science into valuable industrial output.
STUART GOWLAND (DR) from the Mobile Surgical Service on telepresence and mobile surgery.
STEVE LAHOOD of Story Inc on Puke Ariki.
SUE SUCKLING of Acemark Consulting Group on agribusiness being NZ's knowledge economy.
SUZANNE JONES of Alcohol Advisory Council and
MEGAN HOSKING of Shift on urge.co.nz
TEINA HERZER & BERT ALDRIDGE of Morse Media on nzmusic.com
TIMOTHY O'BRIEN Screenwriter / Broadcaster on Sept 11th.
TONY CREWDSON on project management software and also on the Aotearoa: First to Awake, First to Think? Symposium.
TONY RULE from Spikefin on the pizza website from Hell.
TRENT MANKELOW of Unlimited Potential, on uniting 350 IT professionals in Wellington.
TUSIATA AVIA performance poet on culture, colonisation and corned beef.
VIV STONE of Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive on adidas Beat Rugby game.



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